Bra Line Back Lift

A Bra Line Back Lift is a surgical procedure used to eliminate the excess skin and fat from the upper middle section of the back. This sagging skin is usually caused by weight loss and aging. This bulging fat can make your clothes fit poorly.


  • The incision is made along the patient's bra line across the back, so that it can be hidden within the clothing. The excess skin and fat are removed and the remaining skin is stretched and sutured into place.
  • Following the back lift surgery, a dressing is applied and the patient is wrapped in bandages.
  • Surgery takes about one to two hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Patients can return home the same day.


Bruising and swelling are to be expected. Patients should limit their arm usage during the first two weeks. Most patients can return to driving and exercise approximately two weeks after surgery. A compression garment is worn for up to six weeks to reduce the bruising and swelling that occur during the first few weeks after surgery.


A Bra Line Back Lift enhances the overall appearance of your back's contours, eliminating the fat that forms around the bra line. There is only one drawback—the resulting scar that runs across the patient's back. It can, however, be hidden behind the bra strap.

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