Face/Neck Lift

Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing Houston, Pearland, and Lake Jackson plastic surgery patients with a more youthful look through Face Lift and neck lift Procedures. As a person ages, time and gravity weaken the supporting ligaments of the skin, fat, and muscles of the face. As a result, these facial tissues drop, affecting cheekbone prominence and distinctive jaw lines, creating jowls and excess skin, while also deepening facial neck wrinkles. A Face Lift can rejuvenate the lower face, mid-face, and neck by smoothing loose skin, tightening underlying tissues, and removing excess fat. It can also refine your jaw line and restore your face to its original shape.


  • Through incisions under the chin and around the ear and hairline, excess skin is removed and the underlying muscles are tightened. Changes made in the platysma muscle of the neck create a new chin-neck line.
  • Surgery takes one to two hours and is performed under general anesthesia, allowing patients to return home the same day.
  • A Face Lift is often performed in conjunction with other facial plastic surgeries, such as Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) or a Brow lift.
  • Other Procedures which rejuvenate the face include the Quicklift® and PrecisionTx™. Injectable fillers and facial implants may also be used to help counter the hollowed out appearance associated with aging.


The bandages are removed the day after surgery. Following the removal of stitches, makeup and hair styling can be used to hide any scars. Swelling and bruising usually subside after two weeks, but numbness may last for several months. Cigarette smokers have more problems with healing. Exercise and sun exposure with sun screen is allowed after one month.


Today's Face Lifts leave much smaller and shorter scars that are almost imperceptible after three months have passed. The most youthful Results are achieved by combining several Procedures at once.

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