Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Dating back to early Egyptian times, permanent cosmetic makeup (micropigmentation) is a great way to transform your looks. Imagine never having to apply eyeliner or eyebrow pencil again or to wake up in the morning with perfect lips.

With permanent cosmetic makeup, the eyebrows were redefined and shaped to better accentuate the eyes.

Permanent makeup is particularly beneficial for today's busy lifestyle, those with allergic reactions to conventional makeup or those who have a limited range of hand movement or eyesight.

Permanent makeup involves the introduction of permanent pigmentation into the skin which can accentuate eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, and cheeks. It is also useful in the creation of nipples after breast reconstruction surgery. For patients with white scars, a pigmentation that approximates skin color can be used to make them much less noticeable. The artistry of our permanent makeup artist can transform your looks by redefining your eyelids, eyebrows, lips and areolar area.

Let us add permanent makeup to your new appearance to give you a sharper, more focused, contemporary look. Call and schedule your appointment today.

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