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Did you know that you could harness your own blood to repair injured tissues? Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is derived from your own body's blood and has been used before to treat sports injuries. What makes PRP effective is that it contains a large amount of vital growth factors that is used to heal the injuries sustained by the body. There are many PRP Houston procedures out there that can benefit you.

PRP Houston has first gained popularity as a way of treating sports injuries among professional athletes. In fact, golf superstar Tiger Woods are among those who believe in the healing power of platelet rich plasma. With the great advancement in technology, PRP is now being used in other ways, even in promoting better skin.

Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery Offers PRP Treatments

According to studies, PRP is effective in healing damaged tissues by using the patient's own growth factors that are found in platelets. When PRP is injected directly into an injured area, it immediately releases growth factors that speeds up the rate of healing. Another advantage of going for PRP Houston treatments is that the patient can continue with his or her active lifestyle because it doesn't limit your movements.

PRP Houston uses a platelet concentrate that contains a platelet count of 1,000,000/mm or more – way above the standard 200,000/mm platelet count. This great amount of concentrated platelets work overtime and fast to heal all your damaged tissues. If you want to the types of PRP services that are right for you, better talk to the PRP experts here at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery now! PRP therapy can be used to treat many conditions – sports injuries, sexual dysfunctions and even bad skin.

Know How PRP Houston Can Improve Your Life And Health

Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery has experienced physicians and trained staff that will administer the PRP procedure. We will take care of everything – from drawing the blood to putting it in a centrifuge. We will also conduct a consultation with you prior to the procedure to determine if you are the right candidate for PRP Houston treatment. For more information about how PRP can improve and change your life and health for the better, call us now!

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