Cellulaze™ Lake Jackson, TX

Looking to get Cellulaze™ treatment done in Lake Jackson, TX? Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Pisarski, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, offers Cellulaze™ and numerous other services that can be individualized to your unique goals. Adults in Lake Jackson, Houston, Bay City, and Angleton are good candidates for this procedure. 

What is Cellulaze™?

Cellulaze™ Lake Jackson, TX

Cellulaze™ is a new and popular treatment method that utilizes a laser to improve the quality and appearance of your skin. The laser targets cellulite, which is the cause of uneven skin, as the fibrous bands of cellulite push up fat cells. Cellulaze™ helps treat this cellulite while also tightening your skin and improving its elasticity.

How Much Does Cellulaze™ Cost?

Cellulaze™ treatment costs are individualized to your goals and your needs. We offer numerous payment options, including financing through CareCredit®, and will provide a detailed estimate on cost during your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Pisarski and our friendly staff.

Am I a Candidate for Cellulaze™ in Houston?

Cellulaze™ is great for anyone dealing with cellulite that will not go away despite attempts at losing weight. In many cases, cellulite develops from multiple processes, including weight gain, natural aging, or other processes.

How is Cellulaze™ in Lake Jackson Performed?

Cellulaze™ is done by first marking the desired treatment areas. Then, the areas are numbed, and small incisions are made. The Cellulaze™ laser goes into the incision sites, delivering energy to smooth out the bumps of fat. The laser also stimulates your body’s production of collagen to help improve the quality of your skin. The fat is also removed during this process.

What is Recovery Like After Cellulaze™?

Because Cellulaze™ is a minimally invasive procedure, recovery is less extensive compared to other surgical options. You might notice some minor bruising and discomfort following Cellulaze™ treatment. In some cases, small amounts of fluid might also leak from the incision sites. We recommend that you wear a compression dressing for a few weeks. You can resume your normal daily routine after a day, but more strenuous exercise will be restricted for around two weeks.

How Long Will My Cellulaze™ Results Last?

Cellulaze™ treatment provides immediate results that improve over the course of a few months up to a year. Because it provides cosmetic benefits in addition to improving the elasticity and thickness of your skin, it takes some time to notice the full benefits of the treatment. These results can last for many years.

Interested in getting Cellulaze™ treatment? Dr. Pisarski and our staff look forward to helping you reach your goals. We welcome patients in Lake Jackson, Houston, Bay City and Angleton. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with us at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery.