Just Imagine the Difference with Breast Augmentation or a Lift

Breast augmentation continues to be the number one surgical procedure in the United States, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons latest report. Although rumor has it that the overall trend in the last decade is a smaller implant size, large or small it still reigns at the forefront of cosmetic surgeries. Just imagine the difference a lift or augmentation makes by renewing the shape of breasts due to lost firmness, balancing asymmetry, or restoring lost volume. Let’s talk about breast implants! As a triple-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Pisarski uses a variety of shaped implants, in a full range of sizes. We’re able to enhance the size and shape of the breasts to the unique needs of our patients.

We offer both saline and silicone implants, in different shapes and textures. Essentially, we offer our implants in two shapes: a round gel implant and a teardrop-shaped gel implant. Dr. Pisarski is often asked why he chooses the round implant versus the shaped implant. Some of that decision is based on a patient’s personal preference. The round implant is most commonly used, and it comes in 4 different profiles. Profiles vary by the base of the implant becoming smaller in diameter, so the breast is projected out further which indicates a higher profile or projection. Most women that have a certain amount of existing breast tissue do very well with the round implant, and it gives a natural appearance.

The teardrop-shaped implant can work very well for thinner women that are trying to add shape to the breast, as they tend to have less natural breast tissue to start with. The profile that is best for the patient is dictated by the existing breast size, the amount of natural breast tissue, the implant size chosen, breast shape, and chest wall shape.

The biggest decision for women tends to be the size of the implant. In addition to the amount of natural breast tissue, size selection also depends on the quality of the breast tissue, and dimensions of the breast. We talk about implants in terms of volume which is measured in cubic centimeters (cc), and runs anywhere from 200 cc implants to 800 cc implants. The cubic centimeters don’t necessarily correlate to a specific cup size, due to the fact that every woman starts with a different amount of natural breast tissue. The most important factor is that our patients choose an implant size that is comfortable, and that creates the type of proportion desired.

Come in for a private consultation, and we’ll use measurements and an analysis of body shape to determine which implant type and size is most suitable and how to place them. Breast augmentation can also be performed in conjunction with a breast lift. A lift raises and firms the breasts, creating a more pleasing and youthful breast contour. During the month of June, receive free Dysport for a year with your breast augmentation or lift purchase. Call today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Gregory Pisarski. We’ll help you have your ‘breast’ summer! (979) 297-9289