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Celluma Light Therapy Lake Jackson, TX

Are you looking for an acne specialist in Lake Jackson, Bay City, Angleton, or Houston, or Celluma light therapy near you? Considering acne extraction in Houston and unsure whether you’re a good candidate or not? Dr. Pisarski, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, and the staff at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery looks forward to helping you determine a treatment regimen best suited to your needs and goals.

What is Celluma Light Therapy?

Celluma light therapy is a treatment method that utilizes low-level light. Low-level light therapy was initially developed by NASA, and it helps the body regenerate as the body absorbs the photons of light and produces ATP. This process helps stimulate your body’s natural processes, including the creation of new tissue and increased production of elastin and collagen. Celluma light therapy is also a great option for those dealing with acne, to reduce the appearance of acne and prevent scarring.

How Much Does Celluma Light Therapy Cost?

Celluma light therapy costs vary from person to person. We offer a range of payment options for our patients, including financing through CareCredit®. To discuss pricing and obtain a more detailed estimate of how much Celluma light therapy might cost for you, contact us to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Houston acne specialist, Dr. Pisarski, or our friendly staff.

Am I a Candidate for Celluma Light Therapy?

Celluma light therapy is a great option for anyone concerned about their acne, anyone looking to prevent and reverse the natural aging process, or even those looking for pain management. The treatment has diverse applications and is a non-surgical and non-invasive method.


Dr. Pisarki and his staff go above and beyond my highest expectations! After surgery, they keep checking in on you and do everything possible to ensure your healing properly and comfortable. Highly skilled and competent, I’m so very happy and proud to call him my doctor. If you’re researching for a specialist, he’s the right choice!
- Michelle B.

How is Celluma Light Therapy Performed?

Celluma light therapy is done by using the low-level light to provide numerous cosmetic benefits. For acne treatment, the light penetrates the skin and helps kill off bacteria responsible for the development of acne. This treatment method can not only clean up existing blemishes in the skin but also prevent future breakouts from happening.

For those looking to use Celluma light therapy for its anti-aging effects, the same energy is delivered to the desired treatment areas to stimulate your body’s production of collagen and elastin. This helps you achieve a more youthful appearance and healthier skin.

What is Recovery Like After Celluma Light Therapy?

Celluma light therapy has a minimal recovery process. You can return home immediately after receiving treatment and can resume your normal daily routine. Avoiding excessive sun exposure and strenuous exercise for a few days following treatment is recommended to help your body recover.

How Long Will My Celluma Light Therapy Results Last?

Celluma light therapy results can last for several months up to several years. In most cases, multiple treatment sessions are recommended to help achieve the desired results. This can be safely done multiple times a week for several weeks. To learn more about how many sessions are recommended for you, discuss this during your consultation.

Think Celluma light therapy is the right treatment for you? We serve patients in Lake Jackson, Houston, Angleton, and Bay City, at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery. Dr. Pisarski and our staff look forward to helping you find the treatment method best suited to your needs and goals. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.