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Clear & Brilliant® Lake Jackson, TX

Are you looking for a Clear & Brilliant® treatment near Lake Jackson, Bay City, Angleton, or Houston? At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Pisarski, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, we offer numerous procedures, treatments, and services aimed to help you achieve your aesthetic goals

What is Clear & Brilliant® Treatment?

Clear & Brilliant® laser treatment utilizes a laser to gently revitalize your skin. The laser creates millions of small, microscopic zones in your skin. The treatment removes your old, damaged skin with new, healthy tissue. It can be used on the face, neck, and chest and is a great option for those looking to prevent skin-related changes caused by the aging process.

How Much Does Clear & Brilliant® Treatment Cost?

Clear & Brilliant® treatment costs vary depending on different factors. We are committed to keeping our services accessible, and we offer numerous payment options for our patients, including financing through CareCredit®. If you’d like to determine an estimate individualized to you, call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Pisarski or our staff today.

Am I a Candidate for Clear & Brilliant® Treatment?

Clear & Brilliant® treatment is great for adult men and women looking to prevent and reverse the natural aging process. It can be used on all skin tones and types, as it targets the water in your skin, not the skin pigment.

How is Clear & Brilliant® Treatment Performed?

Clear & Brilliant® treatment is done by first applying a topical numbing agent. This is done to minimize discomfort. A special handpiece is used to deliver the laser’s energy uniformly to your skin. There is a tracking system to ensure that all of the treatment areas get equal treatment without any risk of overheating.

What is Recovery Like After Clear & Brilliant® Treatment?

Clear & Brilliant® treatment can result in mild symptoms, including tenderness, swelling, and redness. These symptoms resolve within a few hours, meaning you can return to your normal daily routine and go home after treatment. You can wear makeup after treatment, and you may notice minor peeling.


I went to gulf coast plastic surgery for a consultation. As soon as you walk in the door the staff is super sweet and they make you feel comfortable. Jennifer and Dr. Pisarski are very professional and informative. I had a very pleasant consultation.
- Gaby E.

How Long Will My Clear & Brilliant® Treatment Results Last?

Clear & Brilliant® treatment provides immediate results that continue to improve over the course of a few weeks. Results can last for up to several months. In most cases, four to six treatment sessions are necessary to help you achieve the desired results. Each session can be done once every three weeks.

At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, we welcome patients from Lake Jackson, Bay City, Angleton, or Houston. We offer Clear & Brilliant® treatment and numerous other options that are individualized to you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our staff.