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Neck Lift Lake Jackson, TX

Are you looking for a qualified plastic surgeon in Lake Jackson, Bay City, Angleton, or Houston? Are you unsure whether or not this procedure is recommended for you? At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pisarski, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, offers a neck lift procedure to help men and women reduce the appearance of sagging skin around the neck.

What is a Neck Lift?

Neck lift is another surgical procedure that is very similar to a QuickLift® procedure. Where QuickLift® provides benefits to your jaw line, a neck lift can also help you obtain a more defined jaw line while simultaneously helping you achieve a more younger looking neck. Neck lifts are often done in combination with the QuickLift® procedure to provide comprehensive results.

How Much Does a Neck Lift in Houston Cost?

The cost of a neck lift depends on your individual needs. It is a surgery that can help provide great results compared to a conventional facelift or other similar methods.

At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, we strive to make our neck lift procedures as affordable as possible. We accept most insurances and all major credit cards in addition to cash, checks, and money orders. We also offer financing options through CareCredit®, and will provide full details on financing during your one-on-one consultation.

Am I a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

A neck lift in Lake Jackson is a great option for adult men and women who are looking for options that are less extensive than a facelift. A neck lift helps remove fat from the lower face and neck region. If you are taking certain medications, it might be recommended to stop taking these to prepare for the surgery. This will be discussed with Dr. Pisarski during your consultation.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

A neck lift is performed by making small incisions under the chin and also behind the ear. It focuses on the lower regions of the face. Liposuction is the most commonly used method to remove fat in this procedure. There are other methods that can be used, and the most recommended method will be discussed with you. A neck lift will be done with some form of anesthesia.

Before and After Pictures

What is Recovery Like After a Neck Lift?

Because of the incisions made, swelling and bruising are normal with a neck lift. These symptoms can last up to a few weeks. A compression dressing or garment might be recommended to help reduce the swelling. We also recommend minimal movement of your neck, including twisting or bending, to help with recovery. You may not be cleared to return to your normal daily activities, so discuss what activities you can safely do with Dr. Pisarski.


Dr. Pisarki and his staff go above and beyond my highest expectations! After surgery, they keep checking in on you and do everything possible to ensure your healing properly and comfortable. Highly skilled and competent, I’m so very happy and proud to call him my doctor. If you’re researching for a specialist, he’s the right choice!
- Michelle B.

How Long Will My Neck Lift Results Last?

Neck lift results can last for many years, but it, unfortunately, cannot prevent you from aging further. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is recommended to maintain results over a longer period of time.

Is a neck lift right for you? At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pisarski, welcomes patients in Lake Jackson, Bay City, Angleton, and Houston, TX. Contact us today to schedule your individualized consultation with our staff.