ThermiSmooth® Body Lake Jackson, TX

Are you considering getting ThermiSmooth® Body treatment done near you in Lake Jackson, Bay City, Angleton, or Houston? At Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Pisarski, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, we offer numerous non-surgical options, including ThermiSmooth® Body, that are individualized to your needs.

What is ThermiSmooth® Body?

ThermismoothThermiSmooth® Body, like ThermiSmooth® Face, uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to provide cosmetic benefits. Similar to ThermiSmooth® Face, it can help stimulate your body’s production of collagen. However, when this energy is used on the body, it can also help melt fat away from the treated areas, allowing you to also experience body contouring benefits.

How Much Does ThermiSmooth® Body Cost?

ThermiSmooth® Body costs depend on multiple factors, including the area you’d like to treat, the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired results, and more. We offer a range of payment options for our patients, including financing through CareCredit®. If you’d like a more detailed estimate of how much treatment might cost for you, we will be happy to provide you with an overview of cost during your consultation.

Am I a Candidate for ThermiSmooth® Body?

ThermiSmooth® Body in Houston, TX, can be safely done on adult men and women who are interested in targeting specific problem areas where they’d like to remove fat from, including the abdomen, thighs, love handles, and other areas of the body. It is great for those where surgery is not an option.

How is ThermiSmooth® Body Performed?

ThermiSmooth® Body is done by delivering the temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to the desired treatment areas. Like ThermiSmooth® Face, a desired temperature is set and a gel is applied to the skin of the desired region of the body. A handpiece delivers the energy to the skin, heating it up in the process which leads to the multiple cosmetic benefits.

What is Recovery Like After ThermiSmooth® Body?

ThermiSmooth® Body has a minimal recovery process. Your skin might feel as though you’ve just had a hot stone massage. You can return home and resume your normal daily routine without any restrictions.

How Long Will My ThermiSmooth® Body Results Last?

ThermiSmooth® Body results can last for many years, as long as you are taking care of your health. In most cases, multiple treatment sessions will be recommended to ensure you reach the desired results. To maintain the benefits of this treatment for a longer period of time, we recommend you follow a proper fitness and nutrition regimen.

Think ThermiSmooth® Body treatment is right for you? If you live in Lake Jackson, Bay City, Angleton, or Houston, we welcome you to contact us at Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Pisarski. We’re committed to your goals. Contact us to schedule your consultation with our staff today.